Replacing or fixing your windshield cannot wait.

Fixing or getting your vehicle’s windshield replaced is something that cannot and should not wait. We have all seen drivers going down a road with a damaged windshield. Unfortunately, these people are in for a hassle since procrastination is the worst enemy for you when it comes to your windshield repairs.

Windshield Glass Replacement

Even though your windshield damage may look like a minor issue, what you need to understand is that it can quickly escalate into something more severe. Given below are a few reasons why you should not wait to get your windshield replaced.

Cracks spread

Even those tiny cracks and chips may seem like insignificant damage to you, but it can quickly escalate into a much more significant issue. As glass contracts in the cold and expands in the heat, a small crack or chip can turn into a huge mess if the temperature inside or outside your vehicle is not moderate. That tiny crack on your windshield may not be an issue until you find it covered with a sheet of ice.

Even turning on the heater inside your vehicle during winters can adversely affect your crack, causing your glass to shatter. Similarly, turning on your vehicle’s AC during the hot summer days can also result in your windshield breaking. This is the reason why you must get your auto glass replaced before extreme weather hits.

Moreover, a chip or crack on your vehicle’s windshield can also spread due to other factors such as changing air pressure, unexpected movement of your vehicle, or bumpy roads. Nevertheless, it would be best if you remembered that minor cracks and chips could be repaired without much effort or money. If you do not make these repairs in time, your cracks can spread until replacing your entire windshield is your only option.

You should consult a professional from Citywide Autoglass immediately to help you assess the severity of your damage. Our professionals can advise you if you need to get your windshield replaced.

Some cracks are unfixable

If you wait longer than you should get your cracks or chips fixed, your damage may increase and leave your windshield unrepairable. There is a quick and easy test that you can perform using a dollar bill in order to determine if your vehicle’s windshield crack can be fixed. 

Place a dollar bill alongside your crack. If the damage extends longer than the dollar bill, it means that your windshield cannot be repaired and requires a complete replacement. Bring it in immediately to Citywide Autoglass for replacement. Even if your damage is smaller than the dollar bill, you still need to bring it in immediately since a windshield repair cannot wait.

A damaged windshield is more dangerous during a wreck

All windshields are supposed to be strong. All the auto glass layers that comprise your windshield keep the roof of your vehicle from crumbling and helps in maintaining its frame. Even a small chip or crack can threaten the overall structural integrity and strength of your vehicle. Even a minor crack on your windshield can end up causing significant structural damage to your vehicle if you get into an accident.

A cracked windshield during an accident can send shards of glass flying around through the air. You will also be at a higher risk of getting ejected from your car in case of an accident since it is the windshield’s job to keep you inside the vehicle.

Moreover, the windshield of your vehicle directs the deployment of airbags when you get into a collision. A cracked windshield won’t tolerate the brunt of the crash, leading to a failure in airbag deployment. Everybody knows that a failed airbag can lead to severe injuries and even death.

A crack or chipped windshield is a weak windshield which is why you should never take the risk of your and your passengers’ safety. Get your windshield replaced right away.

It’s illegal

Driving a vehicle that has a cracked windshield is illegal. Many policymakers have noticed a correlation between cracked windshields and accidents. As a result of these studies, there are laws around the country in effect that prevent you from driving a vehicle that has a crack or a large chip in its windshield.

The chances are that you may get pulled over and have to get a ticket if an officer notices your windshield while you are driving your vehicle. Rather than going through all the hustle and bustle, it would be best for you to take care of your issue as soon as you notice it if you do not wish to get a ticket.

If it’s a small crack, the longer you wait, the more expensive it gets.

We have already educated you on the reasons why cracks and chips can end up getting worse if you leave them alone. Ignoring a damaged windshield can cause you to get your entire windshield replaced. A small chip or crack is much easier to repair than a big one.

The longer you wait, the higher your overall costs are going to get. Repairing cracks can typically cost you around $100, whereas a full replacement is going to cost you hundreds of dollars depending on the type of your vehicle. If you still have the chance to, you should always get your windshield fixed immediately.

Get in touch with Citywide Autoglass

Most people believe that it will take a whole day for them to replace a broken windshield. That is not true. A professional auto glass expert from Citywide Autoglass can help you fix your windshield anywhere from one to three hours.

You should never resort to a DIY solution for your windshield. If you live in the Dallas, FortWorth, Denton, Melissa, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, and Richardson areas, then you need to hire a professional windshield replacement expert from Citywide Autoglass right away. 

All of our trained professionals have the required experience to handle such situations to ensure your safety. Call us today at 469-263-1438 to get started.

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