Side & Rear Window Replacement

Windows on your vehicles are not just to look through. Even though it may seem that visibility is the only purpose of your car’s windows, they also play a crucial role in providing structural support to your vehicle. Every piece of glass in your car – rare windows, windshield, and all your side windows helps provide rigidity, stability, prevents body roll, and provides support to your roof. 

There is not a lot that could go wrong with your vehicle’s windows, but one of the only things that could go wrong is if your window gets cracked.  

When your vehicle’s door window gets shattered or damaged, it is essential for you, as the owner, to get it replaced as soon as possible.  

Besides the uncomfortable conditions caused by a missing or damaged window, it can also obstruct the driver’s ability to spot any possible road hazards in time to avoid a collision. 

At Citywide Autoglass, we understand how dangerous, damaged windows can be. This is why we offer premium auto glass service to all vehicle owners living in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas to help keep them safe when on the road. If you wish to get your car door window repaired or replaced, choose Citywide Autoglass. 

Side and rear window replacement service 

If you are a regular commuter, you have probably experienced the shock when a rock hits your window on a highway out of nowhere. Depending on the overall extent of your damage, you may have to get your windows repaired or replaced by your local auto service provider.  

Be it vandalism or a random football; we have seen it all. Our professionals are not just skilled at replacing windshields, but also in replacing and repairing your car door windows. 

What types of car door windows can Citywide Autoglass service? 

As a driver have you ever wondered just how much of your vehicle is enclosed with glass? Here at Citywide Autoglass, our professionals are equipped to replace and repair: 

Driver side windows 

Driver side windows are crucial for the safe operation of your vehicle. Without having a proper driver side window, it is highly unsafe for you to drive your car. 

Passenger windows 

Passenger windows are not just crucial for comfort in your car, but also safety. For example, your front passenger side window’s clarity is crucial to using your passenger-side mirror to turn or change lanes. 


A damaged or shattered sunroof can cause further damage to your vehicle by allowing dirt, debris, and water to enter inside your vehicle. 

Quarter glass 

Have you ever noticed a small piece of glass ideally found behind the doors and above your rear wheel? It is professionally known as a quarter glass or even a valance window. We can replace that for you as well! 

Power window 

New age vehicle windows are controlled using a mechanism called the power window regulator. Unfortunately, these regulators can also fail every now and then due to various reasons. Luckily for you, our team at Citywide Autoglass can help you fix these issues in no time. 

Do you need a car window replacement or a car window repair?  

Whether or not your windows need replacement or repair depends on the total amount of damage that they have incurred. If your vehicle’s window has sustained an enormous crack or a deep chip, your window will have to be replaced entirely.

Typically, a vehicle window that has sustained damage usually requires a replacement rather than repair. 

This is because car windows are usually made up of tempered glass which is a type of safety glass that is strong and designed to shatter into duller and smaller pieces.

Furthermore, car windows that have sustained large chips or cracks are not good candidates for repair since the repair may impact your windows ability to slide in and out correctly. 

Even though it is less likely to have your tempered glass repaired, some windows can survive injury with a small chip or scratch.

Glass repair is often less expensive than a replacement. The process involves getting rid of any debris from your damaged area and creating a seamless pathway for a repair resin.  

The repair resin is then applied, cured, and polished to give you a seamless finish.  

A cleanup is ideally required when replacing.  

As we mentioned earlier, windows are designed to shatter when damaged. This is why when you need your windows replaced, the windshield is typically broken into thousands of pieces.

Our professionals will carefully and properly clean your car and the area around your window before installing a new one. Nevertheless, depending on the type of window and your windows’ location, our repair process can vary. 

Get in touch with Citywide Autoglass today! 

We are a local auto glass service provider who will give you the best-in-class services that will satisfy all your needs. When you choose Citywide Autoglass, you can trust that your local auto glass technician will inspect the damage to your vehicle’s injury and make a recommendation to either get your window repaired or replaced.

Depending on the request, our technician will replace or repair your vehicle’s window following all industry-standard practices. 

Having worked in an auto shop for more than two decades, we have all the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done correctly. Our experts take pride in their professionalism and familiarity with various types of vehicles.  

Here at Citywide Autoglass, we provide nothing but exceptional auto glass installation services. If you live in Dallas, Ft Worth, Denton, Melissa, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, or Richardson and are looking to get your vehicle’s windows replaced, give us a call at 469-263-1438, and we will do what’s best for you and your vehicle’s safety.

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