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Window regulator replacement

Ideally, the window regulator has a dozen different types of components that play a crucial role in moving your windows up…

Windshield Replacement

Finding yourself in need of getting a windshield replaced or repaired can be a daunting experience.

One stop shop for all your Auto Glass needs.

Windshield Repair

Should you get your vehicle’s windshield replaced or repaired? Finding yourself in need of getting a windshield…

Side & Rear Window Replacement

Windows on your vehicles are not just to look through. Even though it may seem that visibility is the only purpose of…

One stop shop for all your Auto Glass needs.

Window regulator replacement

Ideally, the window regulator has a dozen different types of components that play a crucial role in moving your windows up…

Windshield Replacement

Finding yourself in need of getting a windshield replaced or repaired can be a daunting experience.

Windshield Repair

Should you get your vehicle’s windshield replaced or repaired? Finding yourself in need of getting a windshield…

Side & Rear Window Replacement

Windows on your vehicles are not just to look through. Even though it may seem that visibility is the only purpose of…

Windows on your vehicles are not just to look through. Even though it may seem that visibility is the only purpose of your car’s windows, they also play a crucial role in providing structural support to your vehicle. Every piece of glass in your car – rare windows, windshield, and all your side windows helps provide rigidity, stability, prevents body roll, and provides support to your roof.

There is not a lot that could go wrong with your vehicle’s windows, but one of the only things that could go wrong is if your window gets cracked.

When your vehicle’s door window gets shattered or damaged, it is essential for you, as the owner, to get it replaced as soon as possible.

Besides the uncomfortable conditions caused by a missing or damaged window, it can also obstruct the driver’s ability to spot any possible road hazards in time to avoid a collision.

At Citywide Autoglass, we understand how dangerous, damaged windows can be. This is why we offer premium auto glass service to all vehicle owners living in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas to help keep them safe when on the road. If you wish to get your car door window repaired or replaced, choose Citywide Autoglass.

Side and rear window replacement service

If you are a regular commuter, you have probably experienced the shock when a rock hits your window on a highway out of nowhere. Depending on the overall extent of your damage, you may have to get your windows repaired or replaced by your local auto service provider.

Be it vandalism or a random football; we have seen it all. Our professionals are not just skilled at replacing windshields, but also in replacing and repairing your car door windows.

What types of car door windows can Citywide Autoglass service?

As a driver have you ever wondered just how much of your vehicle is enclosed with glass? Here at Citywide Autoglass, our professionals are equipped to replace and repair:

Driver side windows

Driver side windows are crucial for the safe operation of your vehicle. Without having a proper driver side window, it is highly unsafe for you to drive your car.

Passenger windows

Passenger windows are not just crucial for comfort in your car, but also safety. For example, your front passenger side window’s clarity is crucial to using your passenger-side mirror to turn or change lanes.


Quarter glass

Have you ever noticed a small piece of glass ideally found behind the doors and above your rear wheel? It is professionally known as a quarter glass or even a valance window. We can replace that for you as well!

Power window

New age vehicle windows are controlled using a mechanism called the power window regulator. Unfortunately, these regulators can also fail every now and then due to various reasons. Luckily for you, our team at Citywide Autoglass can help you fix these issues in no time.

Do you need a car window replacement or a car window repair?

Whether or not your windows need replacement or repair depends on the total amount of damage that they have incurred. If your vehicle’s window has sustained an enormous crack or a deep chip, your window will have to be replaced entirely.

Typically, a vehicle window that has sustained damage usually requires a replacement rather than repair.

This is because car windows are usually made up of tempered glass which is a type of safety glass that is strong and designed to shatter into duller and smaller pieces.

Furthermore, car windows that have sustained large chips or cracks are not good candidates for repair since the repair may impact your windows ability to slide in and out correctly.

Even though it is less likely to have your tempered glass repaired, some windows can survive injury with a small chip or scratch.

Glass repair is often less expensive than a replacement. The process involves getting rid of any debris from your damaged area and creating a seamless pathway for a repair resin.

The repair resin is then applied, cured, and polished to give you a seamless finish.

A cleanup is ideally required when replacing.

As we mentioned earlier, windows are designed to shatter when damaged. This is why when you need your windows replaced, the windshield is typically broken into thousands of pieces.

Our professionals will carefully and properly clean your car and the area around your window before installing a new one. Nevertheless, depending on the type of window and your windows’ location, our repair process can vary.

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We are a local auto glass service provider who will give you the best-in-class services that will satisfy all your needs. When you choose Citywide Autoglass, you can trust that your local auto glass technician will inspect the damage to your vehicle’s injury and make a recommendation to either get your window repaired or replaced.

Depending on the request, our technician will replace or repair your vehicle’s window following all industry-standard practices.

Having worked in an auto shop for more than two decades, we have all the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done correctly. Our experts take pride in their professionalism and familiarity with various types of vehicles.

Here at Citywide Autoglass, we provide nothing but exceptional auto glass installation services. If you live in Dallas, Ft Worth, Denton, Melissa, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, or Richardson and are looking to get your vehicle’s windows replaced, give us a call at 469-263-1438, and we will do what’s best for you and your vehicle’s safety.

Window regulator replacement

Ideally, the window regulator has a dozen different types of components that play a crucial role in moving your windows up and down in a specific kind of fashion throughout the entire process. These components work together in two different assemblies: the cable operated window regulator and the scissor style window regulator.   

Scissor style window regulators 

The scissors style window regulators, like the name suggests, operate like a giant pair of scissors placed inside your vehicle’s door. They are almost flat when you roll your window down.  

You can notice that a scissor style regulator often has various thick pieces of steel that help keep your window in place. Even though it is sturdy, this type of regulator requires a powerful motor, which often wears out before anything else. 

Cable-operated window regulators 

On the other hand, cable-operated windows regulators use a vertical cable to help your vehicle’s window get into the right position. It is a much more compact design that does not put a lot of stress on your motor. Nevertheless, this type of window regulator is more susceptible to malfunction due to the increased focus on your pulley and the cable harness used to lower and raise your window. 

In most cases, cable operated window regulators are made up of 1 thick metal piece with a pulley and a wire attached to it, along with a much more compact motor. This electric motor is specifically designed to withstand a certain amount of lowering and raising your vehicle’s window. While your regulator helps hold the window in place, the engine provides the strength required to keep the window exactly where you want.  

It’s best if you kept it in mind. 

Your window regulator assembly comprises two essential components: a regulator and a motor. When these components are replaced, you are typically required to deal with the hassle of removing your vehicle’s door panel, clips, and in some cases, even removing your rivets and specific multiple related components. 

 Your vehicle’s window regulator assembly is a complicated piece of equipment that requires professional tools and a lot of patience to replace. This is why it’s best if you let experienced mechanics do the job for you.  

How do we do it: 

The inner door panel of your vehicle needs to be removed 

Then the electrical connections are disconnected, and your motor is removed 

The window regulator is replaced  

Your window motor is reinstalled  

The door panel is later reinstalled, and your vehicle’s window is tested 

Citywide Auto Glass recommendation: 

If your vehicle’s window begins to slow down gradually, it would be best if you take care of it till you can still shut your window down. Once your window regulator stops working, it rarely happens that it would start working again unless you have any other problem which needs to be identified by a professional inspection.  

As the owner, you need to get it inspected by an expert from Citywide Autoglass who will test all the various components that help make your window and its regulator assembly work correctly.  

Most common symptoms that indicate you may have to get your window motor, or the regulator assembly replaced


Regular wear damage

If your vehicle’s window starts to go down slowly, needs several presses, or stops altogether, the chances are that you probably need to get your motor assembly checked for wear damage.  

Window button fail 

If for some reason, you are unable to raise or lower your door’s window by pushing the button, then you may have a bad regulator. This is one of the most apparent symptoms of a window regulator problem.  

Stuck window 

You may be in a situation where your vehicle’s window will raise or lower slightly but eventually gets stuck halfway between where you want it to be. If you have a stuck window, the chances are that your regulator is probably broken.  

Weird noises  

If your window can move correctly, but you hear weird noises, it could be a warning sign that your regulator is about to fail. The noise may sound like clicking, chattering, or grinding. Your regulator assembly could also detach from your window or completely get off track.  

If you notice that your window is not closing evenly or hear any kinds of noises coming from inside your door, your assembly may require a closer look. 

Window drops 

It is a rare scenario; then you end up severely damaging your motor regulator, your window can fall inside your door when you try to lower or raise it. This is quite possible if your car has been in an accident where your vehicle’s door had suffered injury by another vehicle. 

Why should you get this service? 

A correctly operating window regulator and motor allow the driver, the passengers, and the interior of your car to remain safe and dry. There will be times when your window regulator will completely stop working without your window being entirely closed. So yes, getting this service as soon as possible is better than sticking around for an outright failure to happen. 

The power features and interior of your vehicle may also suffer damage due to a heavy rainstorm, which can happen any day. So, if you seem to have trouble right now, keep your car and yourself dry by getting these problems fixed at Citywide Autoglass. 

Get in touch with us today! 

Here at Citywide Autoglass, we believe in giving you the best-in-class customer service and premium quality work in the DFW area. Our professionals have years of experience as a mechanic and can fix all your window regulator problems without any trouble. We serve clients across Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Melissa, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, and Richardson.

If you wish to learn more about your motor window regulator or if you need an appointment, give us a call at 469-263-1438 or Contact Us  and our expert will make sure that you are looked after.

Windshield Replacement

A crack on your vehicle’s windshield is not just an unsightly blemish on your car; it can further lead to significant safety concerns according to our professionals at Citywide Autoglass. We believe that driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield can put your life and the life of other drivers around you at risk since you are more susceptible to getting into an accident.

A windshield that is damaged or one that has not been glued or adequately set into place is at risk of popping out during a collision. Your windshield also helps provide structural support to your car, meaning that an improperly installed windshield can cause your roof to collapse.

The windshield plays a crucial role in providing structural integrity to your vehicle. It also protects all occupants in the event of an accident, especially if your car rolls over. With the frame of brand-new cars getting thinner every year, your vehicle’s windshield is more of a safety feature now than it was years ago.

If you don’t get your windshield replaced professionally, the chances are that it will not properly adhere to your vehicle.

No matter what causes it in the first place, windshield cracks are a standard issue for most automobile owners simply because of their ordinary nature. It is one task that can be easily postponed for later to save money or to focus your energy and resources on other aspects of your car.

Driving with a cracked windshield  

A professional auto glass expert can quickly fix small cracks and chips on your windshield. But if your damage is too extensive, or if it expands the width or length of a credit card, the chances are that you may have to get it replaced.

All standard vehicle windshields are made up of two transparent glass pieces that are glued to a vinyl resin in the middle. The vinyl resin helps keep your glass in place during a strong impact or a collision and prevents pieces of glass from flying, which can cause severe injury or even death.

Nevertheless, our professionals believe that once your safety layer has been chipped or cracked, your windshield will be unable to withstand any further impact. This can result in your windshield not being able to protect the driver along with all the other passengers.

A large crack on your windshield can also negatively impact your driver’s vision and reflect glare, making it difficult to see.

Windshield replacement  

Most chips and cracks can be repaired for not more than $100. But if your damage gets too big to repair, or if your original crack was too wide or deep, you may need a qualified professional to help you replace your vehicle’s windshield.

Even though a windshield replacement project often takes less than an hour to complete, you will have to find a professional who has the required expertise and tools to get the job done correctly.

Here at Citywide Autoglass, we will first replace your vehicle’s rubberized weather stripping which holds your windshield against your car’s frame along the edges. After removing the exterior rim and your vehicle’s weather stripping, we will apply a coating of adhesive along the edges of your windshield’s frame before fitting the glass into place.

Almost all recent vehicle models have windshields that are permanently glued in place. This is why your old windshield needs to be cut out of your vehicle, then the body and glass needs proper cleaning and preparation. Your new moldings and windshields are then reinstalled to your car using a specific type of glue and are allowed to cure for a while before you can be on your way.

The average cost of a new windshield can range anywhere from $ 180 to $300, and even more, most insurance policies cover your vehicle’s windshield replacement costs, but you will have to check all the details. For example, if you already have a $500 deductible, you will likely pay the replacement cost.

Our team says that if you are unsure whether your windshield requires replacement or repair, you should bring it to us for further inspection as soon as possible.

If a small chip or a ding is not repaired fast, it could further spread into a larger crack which will require replacement. Extreme cold or hot temperatures can cause stress on your windshield’s impact spot, resulting in your damage growing larger.

There are different types of guidelines for windshield damage industry-wide, but we believe that damage should be the size of a quarter or less to get repaired.

It is crucial for you, as an owner, to understand that your windshield is a structural component of your vehicle. It plays a vital role in supporting your roof and the pillar area. This is why it is essential to be sure that you don’t cut any corners during your windshield replacement process. If your windshield is not installed correctly, it could fall out of your car during a collision and allow the occupants to get ejected from the vehicle.

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We are a reputable auto glass company working across the Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Melissa, McKinney, Frisco, Plano, and Richardson areas offering excellent customer services and professional results. Our services are not only top-notch, but they also have a price-tag that won’t break the bank. If you want to get your car’s windshield replaced, or if you wish to learn more about the process, you can give us a call at 469-263-1438 or Contact Us and our professionals will make sure that they answer all your questions.


Windshield Repair

Should you get your vehicle’s windshield replaced or repaired? Finding yourself in need of getting a windshield replaced or repaired can be a daunting experience.

If you are not aware of the extent of damage, you will not know which route to take. You don’t have to spend money on a replacement project if you can repair it without much effort. But, how would you know what is necessary?

Luckily for you, here at Citywide Autoglass in the DFW area, we can assess your damage and help you get back on the road as quickly as possible. So, the next time you have a chipped, cracked, or broken windshield, ask yourself the following questions to determine what route you should take.

What is the scale of damage?

When we talk about auto glass damage, size plays a crucial role in determining if you need to pursue windshield repair or a total replacement project. For obvious reasons, if your damage is spread out across the entire windshield of your vehicle, you will have to go for a replacement.

But for small chips or cracks that are short in length, it would be best if you got them repaired. You will have to need a proper assessment; knowing the difference between what needs replacement and what can be fixed can help you save money and steer you clear from anyone who pushes you for an unnecessary replacement.

The location of your damage

The location of your windshield damage also plays a vital role in windshield replacements or repair. Unfortunately, any damage in the driver’s line of sight almost always needs a replacement.

This is important because repairs can leave some distortion, prohibiting the driver from getting a clear view of the road.

Similarly, any damage located in the corners of your windshield will compromise your glass’s overall integrity and make it highly unstable.

Because of these reasons, damage near the corner or edges of your windshield typically requires a total replacement as well.

What is the type of damage?

Windshield repairs are usually done if there are small dings, chips, and glass, or pits. Such types of damages are often confined, and if repaired on time, they won’t spread and create further structural problems anywhere else on your windshield.

Other types of windshield damage like cracks that run across your glass will require replacement because the damage is no longer confined to a particular spot.

A crack or chip in your windshield is not just ugly; it is also unsafe. Not only will it affect your view, but a damaged windshield is going to be much more likely to fail in an accident. Given below are a few terms that will prove helpful for you along the way.


Aftermarket refers to all auto-parts that are not made by the manufacturer who made the original part.

Aftermarket windshields are a much more affordable alternative, and they are required to meet the minimum standards of safety that are set by the department of transportation (DOT).

However, all aftermarket products are not regulated by any other standards of quality.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part will be more expensive, but they follow minimum safety standards set by DOT along with the manufacturer’s quality standards.

Edge crack

Another type of damage to your windshield can be a crack, but depending on its size and location, you can find yourself with different types of windshield cracks.

An edge crack is a crack that reaches the edge of your vehicle’s windshield. On the other hand, a crack that is in the middle of your windshield is known as a floater crack since it does not reach the edge.

Any crack that is 15 centimeters or longer is called a long crack, and anything shorter than that is a short crack. Long cracks typically require a full windshield replacement. However, a short crack can often be repaired, which is a cheaper and faster alternative.

Combination break

Like we have mentioned earlier, different types of windshield damage have different terms. For example, if your windshield gets hit by a small rock, it may cause a small piece of glass to come off from the windscreen, which is known as a chip, or it could also cause lots of little cracks to emerge from the point of impact which is known as a star break. Other types of chips and cracks include bullseye, spider web, Half Moon, and stone break.

A combination break is a term used if your windshield has various types of cracks and chips. Along with large chips and cracks, a combination break usually requires a windshield replacement.

Safe drive-away time

After your windshield has been replaced, you shouldn’t drive your car until it has fully recovered. Safe driver away time refers to the total time you have to wait before you can drive your car without worrying about your replaced windshield falling.

Depending on the temperature, type of adhesive used, and other factors, this curing process can take as less as 30 minutes or as long as a couple of hours to heal properly.

If your windshield has any damage, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Even a minor crack can grow into a huge one, which can reduce your car’s safety and get more expensive to repair. For more information about windshield replacement and repair, get in touch with us at Citywide Autoglass.

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As the most outstanding and promising windshield replacement and window regulator replacement in Irving, Grapevine, Dallas, and Plano TX, we make sure that our customers are provided with functionally-efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality workmanship most especially in our windshield repair services. Here at Citywide Autoglass DFW, we help millions of car owners every year with windshield replacement, assisting drivers of most make and models find a new windshield at an affordable price. We are a team of reliable windshield replacement professionals that are knowledgeable with the latest window regulator replacement techniques, and we continue to remain fluent in industry trends, making us the most trusted company in our field. Moreover, what makes us efficient and effective is that we continue to communicate with our customers throughout their windshield repair journey for them to be able to get the windshields they deserve.

Outstanding Windshield Replacement and Repairs

Did you know that your car’s windshield is a safety device? In addition to its primary role of protecting vehicle occupants from uncertain objects and weather conditions like water, debris, and wind, a windshield can help reduce crash injuries and could even save your life or that of a passenger. Moreover, it supports a vehicle roof in a rollover to prevent it from collapsing. Now you know that windshield damage can compromise driver vision, it is utterly important to have your windshield fixed and repaired by the best windshield repair specialists in town. With our professionals, you are completely guided with the steps on how we will do the windshield replacement. After removing the exterior rim and your vehicle’s weather-stripping, we will then apply a coating of adhesive along the edges of your windshield’s frame before fitting the glass into place. This way, you know that your windshield is now in good hands. Looking for the best windshield replacement provider throughout Irving, Grapevine, Dallas, and Plano TX? We’ve got you covered!

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