Cracking windshield glasses are no fun and games. You need a fix right away!

One of the primary causes of a cracked or broken windshield is often debris or rocks on the road propelled up by a vehicle in front or behind you. 

Not only is a cracked windshield a nuisance for you, but it also impairs your driving experience due to an obstructed view and is a safety threat.

If you catch hold of the problem before it spreads, you may be able to save on future costly troubles. Therefore, getting windshield repair in Frisco, Texas, from a trusted company like Citywide Autoglass is essential.


Removed Windshield of Car for Replacement

We employ only skilled technicians on the job who utilize only superior materials and top-of-the-line repair equipment. We also offer a lifetime warranty against glass defects or leaks with our services. So do not contact just anyone to repair your windshield in Frisco, Texas – trust Citywide Autoglass specialists to address your windshield repair and replacement needs.

Windshield Damage Is Never Convenient or Expected

Damage to any part of your vehicle is never convenient or anticipated.

However, in most cases, a quick, professional windshield repair may be all you need. It is a permanent process to clean and vacuum the damaged area, remove the air from the crack, and fill it in with an optimally matched, quick-drying resin. The procedure strongly bonds the glass, restores its structural integrity, prevents the spreading of the crack, and improves the appearance of the broken windshield.

Windshield repairs can encounter end-to-end cracking when left untreated and due to temperature changes, road bumps, and daily wear and tear. You might never expect such damages to occur, and neither are these convenient for you, the passengers, and fellow drivers on the road. However, seeking professional assistance is certainly helpful and expected from you in the best of your interest.

Besides, the process is so reliably carried out that insurance companies happily cover the cost, so you do not have to pay out of your pocket. The repairs can easily sustain heat, rain, and wind. We also cover the windshield against these perils for as long you own the vehicle.

Additionally, we specialize in other auto glass services, including:

So, wait no more. If your car, truck, or heavy vehicle needs windshield repairs, trust the Citywide Autoglass DFW glass specialists to help you get back on the road in time and safely.

Common Causes of Windshield Damage

On-road hazards such as any objects or materials propelled onto the glass are amongst the first risks caused to the windshield. However, numerous other risks can cause damage to the windshield while driving, most of which are usually repairable.

A car accident is another common cause that may shatter the glass and lead to smaller chips. Next is extreme Frisco temperature changes that can stress your windshield. Besides, Texas storms are also common causes of windshield damage where tree limbs can fall off, or flying debris can damage the windshield.

Therefore, no matter the reason, the Citywide Autoglass team can fix any type of windshield damage in Frisco and around.

Contact Our Mobile Windshield Repair Service

Windshields are an integral component to support the vehicle’s roof as well as protect you from any approaching objects while driving. So, when your vehicle breaks down, the glass shatters, obstructing your view, you don’t have the time, or you are not in the situation to reach the repair shop, a mobile repair service comes to your rescue.

Mobile auto glass repair services are time and money-saving and offer immediate results without compromising on your safety. It gets your vehicle back in an optimal condition right at your location.

At Citywide Autoglass DFW, our mobile windshield repairs in Frisco, Texas, provide convenient onsite services. We offer just the same experience as you would get at our repair shop; the difference is here, we come to you at your specified time and location.

Besides, you may be eligible for a windshield repair, only if:

  • There are less than three chips
  • The damage is smaller than a quarter size
  • The crack isn’t spreading or hasn’t started to “spider”
  • Damage isn’t in front of a sensor or camera
  • The cracks aren’t affecting the windshield’s structural integrity

If your glass does fall into any of the above categories, we are here to help. You can call us whenever you need to arrange an onsite mobile auto glass repair service. You can further book an appointment online, and we shall get back to you ASAP. We can reach you anywhere in FriscoDallasFort WorthDentonMelissaMcKinneyFriscoPlanoIrvingLewisville, and Richardson.

Windshield Replacement

Repair services are indeed reliable and lasting. But, not every damage sustained by your windshield may demand a quick fix. Sometimes, a complete replacement is what you need. Larger cracks and totally shattered glasses are particularly in need of a quality and durable windshield replacement service for your vehicle’s safety.

Yes, a replacement can be costlier than repairs, but never more expensive than future troubles caused due to today’s neglected windshield damage. So if you do require a replacement, our mobile team can reach your location and provide rapid, convenient, and budgeted windshield replacement services. We are only a call away!

Trust the Experts a Citywide Autoglass DFW for Reliable Windshield Repairs in Frisco, TX

There are several good reasons why you must get your windshield repaired as soon as you can. Also, chip and crack repairs are much more affordable than you think. Before they turn into significant cracks and require a complete replacement, contact Citywide Autoglass DFW experts for a prompt and reliable windshield repair in Frisco, Texas.

Our team works quickly to fix and polish your auto glass to near-imperceptibility. Plus, in most cases, we can repair the damage in just a couple of hours with our best-in-class equipment and materials. Remember, today, you might be neglecting a minor crack, but if another on-road element hits the glass, the entire windshield may shatter. So, get repairs done now – call us at 469-263-1438 today to learn more about our top-notch windshield services.

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